Creative Home Solutions Interview

Since the start of Creative Home Solutions, many have jumped on the opportunity provided to allow them to afford a down payment and buy a home. Charles Sutherland’s history living in the city of Markham allowed him to enjoy the benefits of a safe and sustainable community committed to smart growth and progression. With the creation of CHS, he is now an active participant in helping the community grow further through a focus on affordability and price with his current and future developments.

For more on client testimonials, including one provided by one of Sutherland’s eldest daughters, watch the full interview to learn about the positive, easy, and trouble-free experience of owning a home with Creative Home Solutions.


About Charles Sutherland

Charles Sutherland immigrated to Montreal from South America in 1965 with his family. Upon arriving, his family immediately encountered the challenge of finding affordable housing, driving them towards renting for a year; afterwards encouraging his mother to pursue home ownership. Despite the odds, she was able to secure a modest home to raise her family. As he saw his mother working tirelessly to help others afford their own homes, her example to motivate them towards homeownership and its endless advantages lit a flame in his heart that has never died.

Charles is an engineer by training and has a wealth of project management experience. He has worked on impressive and wide-reaching projects like the Rogers Centre in Toronto (formerly the Sky Dome), the Light Rail Transit System in Vancouver and various mining projects in Sudbury. At the start of his career providing affordable housing in Markham, his passion to help low to modest income households achieve homeownership was a venture he pursued in conjunction with his professional career. Read More...